Evolution or NetEnt: Which Studio is Best?

Evolution or NetEnt: Which of the Two Studios is Best? Find Out More Here

Without a doubt, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are by far the biggest casino studios in the online gaming business. With the state of the heart, high quality, and premium solutions, they are ahead of any competitor in the market. You can find some of the top-notch casino products from NetEnt at the topnetentcasinos site.


Online Rivalry Explained

The provision of high-quality solutions is the primary goal of the two businesses. That is why they have invoked trust among their players and also helped casino houses to retain a wider audience. If you are new to gambling, you can check some of the most popular products from NetEnt on gtsa-ebulletin site.

You can't lack any of their solutions in any well-respected casino house in the UK. With that much success, we can say that the two companies are direct rivals. Serious players always want the best from their providers. Even if the two studios are evenly matched on papers, has one of them got an edge?

Let's Compare Their User Interfaces

The primary attribute of a good game is an excellent user interface. So what defines a user interface. Ease of use and understandable is the answer. The two studios answer this question perfectly. They have designed user interfaces with the highest level of simplicity. Even a novice player can get started to any of the slots without specialized training.

However, NetEnt still has a slight edge here. Their interfaces have some intuitive features that help players to get vast knowledge about the history of the game. Imagine getting some in-game statistics or even dealers' history on the previous game? That is why their players make more informed decisions than Evolution Gaming Counterparts.

How Does Contact Us Feature Compare

Good customer service is the heart of any growing business. It is also a dream of a customer to get assisted fully when they reach out seeking for help. The two companies seem to have nailed it here. They have customer support staff who are informed and professional. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed here.

  • Email is the most popular channel of communication between customers and businesses.

Both studios have phone and email as primary ways to contact their customer support. Depending on the urgency of the mater, the two channels are convenient. However, Evolution Gaming seems to lead here. They have included a live chat tool on their site. Most customers prefer the use of live chat since they get real-time solutions.

How Do They Compare On Proggresive Jackpot?

The progressive jackpot is a special type of gambling payout that grows with time in case players keep betting and losing. A progressive jackpot is the highest paying type of gambling in history. Many people have played this jackpot and turned out to be millionaires. So how do the two companies compare here?

Well, the two have their own popular jackpots. Evolution gaming has three popular progressive jackpots namely; Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, and Live Casino Hold'em. They have all paid out bellow one million. However, they are all dwarfed by NetEnt's Mega Fortune Jackpot. It has a paid out over 10 million pounds.

In-Game Betting Features On Their Table Games

The two companies have all the essential betting options a player can need in a game. For example "Double-down", "Split", and "Side Bets".. However, Evolution gaming gives you more. They have a "Pre-Decision" option used by players in case they need to make a call concurrently with the first player without a need of waiting for their chance.

So who should we give the King's crown? In our humble opinion, we can retain the crown. There is no winner, and most probably there will be none in the coming future. The both studios produce fantastic casino solutions. They are in a healthy competition where each companies action is met by a more innovative reaction.

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